Hand Gun Defense Workshop

Hand Gun Defense Workshop

A high degree of law enforcement agencies across the United States use the Krav Maga system for its highly practical defensive tactics. Krav Maga is tenacious in its quickness, effectiveness, and is easily learned and retained.


Workshop will emphasize realistic and effective defense against a variety of aggressive attacks, whether assailant is armed or unarmed.  Reality based stress training will improve how the individual responds to danger, both mentally and physically. Stress and reaction training enable an individual’s capacity to recognize danger at the earliest stages in order to react without hesitation, and escalate or de-escalate with adequate level(s) of force.




Combatives (use of personal weapons)

 - Punches

 - Kicks

 - Knees

 - Elbows

 - Hammerfists



 - Pulls

 - Grabs

 - Punches to face/body


Defenses against Handgun Threats

 - Gun in front of the body

 - Gun in front of the body touching

 - Gun in front of the body with some space

 - Gun to the side of the body

 - Gun to front of the body weapon pushed in

 - Gun to the side of the head

 - Gun from behind of the body touching

 - Gun from behind the body no space restricted movement

 - Gun from behind the body with some space


Did we mention this workshop is open to everyone! No experience necessary. Come learn, take advantage of this incredible opportunity.


When: Saturday, March 28th


Time:  10:00am - 2:00pm


Cost: Non-members $70.00

         Members $60.00

         Military & law enforcement $30.00


Where: Universal Martial Arts Center - Palm Desert

             41-625 Eclectic Street, Suite F1, Palm Desert


How to register: Call 760-568-0649 or visit us


OPEN: Ages 18 and up.


Register by Sunday, March 22nd to secure your spot. If space is available on workshop day, price will be $80.00 at the door. Don't wait until the very same day to decide to do the workshop, register now because space is limited.

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